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Hundreds of the most respected brands in the world depend on our CX call center business process outsourcing services to elevate customer experience, capture efficiencies, and reduce operating costs to deliver predictable and sustainable value through people, processes, and technology.

GPS Services

We make outsourcing easier for our clients, enabling them to concentrate on their core business. With our expertise, we handle the entire process from design to transformation, aiming to cut costs, minimize risks, and enhance performance. Reach out to discover how we simplify outsourcing for you.

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Industries We Serve

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Industries Global Pacific Support proudly serves a wide range of industries, providing customized solutions to meet the unique demands of each sector. Our expertise spans across various fields, ensuring we understand your specific challenges and deliver effective support.


For technology companies, reliable technical support and customer service are essential. Our team handles complex technical issues and customer inquiries, ensuring your clients receive prompt and accurate assistance.
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The healthcare industry requires precise and compassionate support. Our services include appointment scheduling, patient support, and administrative assistance, helping healthcare providers deliver high-quality care while maintaining efficient operations.
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In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, exceptional customer service and efficient operations are critical. We provide virtual assistant and call center solutions to manage orders, handle customer inquiries, and streamline administrative tasks, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.
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Travel and Hospitality

Providing excellent customer service is key in the travel and hospitality industry. Our call center solutions handle booking inquiries, customer support, and reservation management, ensuring your guests have a positive and memorable experience.
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Real Estate

Real estate professionals benefit from our virtual assistant services, including appointment scheduling, client communication, and document preparation. We help you stay organized and responsive, allowing you to focus on closing deals and growing your business.
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Financial Services

In the financial sector, security and accuracy are paramount. We offer administrative support, customer service, and data management services to help financial institutions maintain trust and efficiency.
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The insurance industry relies on accurate and timely customer support. Our call center solutions manage claims processing, customer inquiries, and policy administration, ensuring your clients receive reliable assistance.
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Legal Services

Law firms and legal professionals can benefit from our virtual assistant services, including document preparation, client communication, and appointment scheduling, ensuring efficient and organized operations.
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Educational institutions require effective communication and administrative support. We offer services such as enrollment assistance, student support, and data management, helping educational organizations operate smoothly and efficiently.
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Telecommunications companies require robust customer and technical support. Our team provides assistance with service inquiries, technical issues, and customer account management, ensuring high levels of satisfaction.
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Retail businesses need efficient customer service and order management. Our virtual assistants and call center agents handle customer support, inventory management, and sales inquiries, helping you maintain a smooth operation.
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Global Pacific Support is committed to delivering exceptional virtual assistant and call center solutions across various industries. Our tailored services are designed to meet your unique needs, helping you achieve operational excellence and customer satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your business.

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